Monday, 111317P

A. New Zip Ups are on the way for CFF. 2 color options ????????

B. Clinics – will start Saturday’s upcoming and announced by Tuesday. 2 hour sessions and very specific. Stay tuned for what will be covered and when

C. Dec 1st kicks off our Nutrition Program at CrossFit Free. Monthly membership plans and / or One time consultation for macro build ours and nutritional guidance.



A. Split Jerk – 3.2.1 Waves


Hang SqT Snatch 135/93

Pbar hspu


Post Class:

3 rds of assistance work

20 band dislocates

20 band scap squeezes

20 hang Scap squeezes

10 double Db seated bent over rows (heavy)


35 pvc disclosures


3 rds

12 weighted ghd sit-ups

7 strict t2b

12 Russian twist V ups

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