Monday, 041618 P

Our 30 Challenge Day Nutrition Challenge kicks off! You can still register through the end of the day today to partake. Click HERE to see blog post and info on the challenge. Tune into the podcast and get registered!


Performance :

A1. Squat up to 8 RM+ 2X8 @90%

A2. Superset with above

Max strict hspu 6/3” (if more than 6-8, wear a vest)

Into max strict hspu

Into max dB Strict Press 50/35* this should be the biggest rep scheme set so choose weight accordingly



3 thrusters 155/103

3 bar lateral burpees

Rest 6 repeat


Post class:


1. accumulate 240’ in crab walk

2. 4 x 6-8 KB windmills each side

3. 3-4 sets of med Russian twists – 14-18 alternating

4. 100 banded face pulls + 50 pvc or banded dislocates + 50 dB rear fly’s (light)

5. crossover symmetry

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