For specific coaches offerings. please see their coaches page

Monthly Rates

  • Unlimited (ACH)
    $170 per month
  • Unlimited CC
    $175 per month
  • 3x per week (ACH)
    $150 per month
  • 3x per week CC
    $155 per month
    $150 per month
    • (3X per week)
  • Private on ramp
    $250 per month
    • 6 one to one sessions at your convenience

***All new athletes must complete the on ramp program prior to entering normal class times 3X per week:Exceptions only. inqure within

CrossFit Kids/Teens monthly rates

  • CROSSFIT KIDS (Ages 5-12)
    $80 per month
    • (2X per week)
  • CROSSFIT TEENS (Ages 12-18) (ACH)
    $125 per month
    • (3X per week)
  • CROSSFIT TEENS (Ages 12-18) CC
    $130 per month

Up front payment

  • 6 Months Unlimited Classes
    • $153/month (savings of 10%, ACH ONLY)
  • 12 Months Unlimited Classes
    • $136/month (savings of 20%, ACH ONLY)
  • Business Consulting - Programming
    $150 per hour
    • Contact Brandon

One To One Training

  • Brandon
    $100 per hour
  • Justin
    $75 per hour
  • Chase
    $75 per hour
  • Tasia
    $75 per hour

Group Rates Available- Inquire Within


Discounts based off Unlimited Pricing Plan

First Responders/Military Discount:
First Responders (Fire Fighters,EMT,Police) and Military (Army,Navy,Marines,Air Force, Coast Guard) will receive 20% off of their monthly membership.

Student Discount:
College and high school students will receive a discount of 20% off their monthly membership.

Family & Couples Discount:
Families of 2 or more+ couples receive a 10% discount on memberships Couples that CrossFit together, stay togther.

Pertains to Adult Memberships receiving discount of Unlimited pricing.

For Families with 1 or more kids, each additional kid is $15 off per month from the prior.

CrossFitters Abroad:
We’d love to have any visitors drop by to join us,
first time is free,$20 drop-in following. (Or buy a T-Shirt)=)