Friday, 070618


A. Please excuse the construction starting today out front. Majority will be taken place over the weekend where we will utilize side 2 entrance and the rear entrance

B. Buddy week kicks off this coming Monday, July 9th. Invite friends, family, co workers and join us!


A. back SqT – 1rm with 4 second pause in hole + 1×3&85%


Amrap 9

15 dB push press 50/35’s

12 t2b / knee tucks it weighted sit-ups

9 box jump overs 30/24 *no rebound


Post class:


1. Barbell reverse grip row : 6-8 reps of 4-5 HEAVY set

2. DB incline bench reverse flys 10-12 reps x 4-5 sets

3. 2 rds of 35 banded face pulls and 25 banded triceps extensions

4. 10-15 min of scap work

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