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Summer Burner Team Competition returns to CrossFit Free August 12th 

A. Back SqT – heavy single at 32X1 *building on last week – can you hit same weight with 2 second pause? Can you beat it?
7  DB strict press (heavy but ub)

10 kb swings (heavy)

3 wall walks 

1  rope climb 
:30 sec  bike sprint 
Rest 3-4 min x 4 rds 
*modify accordingly  

Post Class:

Broken Aerobic Endurance
Warm Up:
1. 5 minutes easy on grass
2. 4 x 20 second build ups, rest: walk back
 Main Set: To be completed on grass
1. 3-4 x 5 minutes repeats, rest: 1 minute. These are a steady state effort(broken conversation pace). The rest allows you to reset your form rather than putting together and 20-25 minute session where your form falls apart. As your fitness levels improves the rest goes away. 
2. Cool Down: easy 5 minutes
1. 3 rds, 25 banded scap squeezes, 25 pvc dislocates, 30’ russian lunge twist (each side)
2. db sa row 7-9 reps x 3 sets each side 
3. change plate, rear fly’s 3 x 15 
4. crossover symmetry 
5. deadbugs 4 x 12-15 reps 

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