Saturday, 060218 Fu

CAP podcast launches soon on iTunes, podbean and YouTube. This is in addition to CFF.



A. Hang Muscle Snatch technique work

B. Afap

50 burpees touch’s

40 dB push press

30 DB front squats

200m SB run

100 / 200 singles double unders


Post class


1. 3 min of crossover symmetry ; constant movement – exercise to exercise

2. 50 banded scap squeezes + 50 banded tricep press downs + 50 banded bicep curls + 50 banded face pulls + 50 banded scap squeezes

3. 3-5min on straddle spit stretch on Wall

4. 5-7 strict t2b + :45 second weight plank x 4 sets

5. Meditation – 10 min : opening thoracic on foam roller and relax in the mind.

Monday, 071017P

Masters get together this past Saturday. What a great time!



Strength: **Final week of this strength cycle phase 

A. Strict Press – 5RM + 1×5@90%



amrap 8 – ladder 1/2 climbing 

1 Power Clean 225/153

2 strict HSPU 

2 power clean 

4 strict hspu

3 power clean 

6 hspu 

etc. . .  


Post Class: 


1. Barbell Bent Over Row (supinated grip) – 5 x 5 ascending ; build on last weeks 

2. 4 rds; 10-12 tricep plate overhead extensions, max l sit hold, 20 band scap squeezes 

3. Narrow Grip OHS or Single ARM OHS; 10-12 min working position at the bottom 

4. Crossover Symmetry



Strength Development

1. 600-800 easy warm up

2. Drills: 1 of each: high knee. Heel to butt. Skipping. Build up x 3. All barefoot 

3. 120’s: Measure out 120 yards – run fast enough to complete in 20 seconds or less – than run slow back in 40 seconds. So holding 1 minute for each one – take a full minute rest after reps 4 and 7. The key here is to not run too slow for the fast segment and too fast for the trip back to the starting line

4. Cool down 600-800 barefoot

Wed, 050317

Fitness / Performance:


A. Push Jerk – 5 x 5 ascending 

MAP Training @70-80%

amrap 10 

10 t2b

10 Shoulder to OH 115/83

10 box jumps 30/24 *step down 

rest 3 min 

amrap 10 

12 cal bike 

35 double unders  

8 ring dips (strict for those who can sustain this volume throughout. If strict and 2 sets entire time, also OK) *If not, either go kipping for a more muscular endurance route, or tone back this # a sustainable strict for you. If at 70% you cannot hit these 8 strict each time, please make sure to hit this as a focus peak for proper build out and future response. 

****modify accordingly 

Post Class: 


1k run, rest 3 min, 800m run, rest 2:30, 600m run, rest 2 min , 400m run, rest 1 min, 1k run, walk for 2 minutes, into 5 min light run working running mechanics

a. strict HSPU 10 x 5; strength sets. #’d or slight deficit for those higher level HSPU folks 

b. waiters carries 5 x 30’ each arm 

c. Crossover Symmetry + Static Stretching (athlete specific)

Saturday,  042917T

Coach Rich
Teams of 2 

A. 18 min clock 

Choose 1 for one teammate. 1 for the other. 1 barbell 

Max snatch + max clean and jerk 

Rest 3 


50 db thrusters 50/30’s

45 burpees onto plates

40 c2b pull-ups 
**modify accordingly 

Sat, 042917

Coach Rich


Fitness / Performance : 


Choose 1 

A. Snatch – 7-10 reps at 80-90%

B. Clean and jerk – 8-10 reps @83-90%


20 db thrusters 50/35

20 burpees over the db’s when lined 

20 c2b pull-ups 

**modify accordingly 


Post Class: 


1k x 5; rest 1:15; sustainable paces; shooting for each 1k to be a faster pace than your overall 5k pace layout. 
Assistance Work : 

1. Strongman – 100’ Heavy Yoke Walks x 5-7 

2. GHD Situps – 4 x 20; rest 3 min between;

3. 3 rds of, 25 banded face pulls , 20 bent over rear db flies, 15 pic discloses 

4. Crossover Symmetry 

Friday, 042817

Looking to take your fitness to the next level? Join the Competition phase programming, Saturdays at 10a on side 2,  as well as some other sessions per week.  Follow @completeathleticperformance & @crossfitfree on IG for more info daily / weekly. 



A. Make sure to get signed up for our Nutrition seminar May 6th, 12-3. Sign up link is in our private FB group. 

B. Clinics are being finalized and announced soon. It’s been rough to coordinate dates but we are almost wrapped up. 


Fitness / Performance: 


a. Weighted Pull-ups 7 x 2, 3 x 1

a. AFAP 

750m row 

50 OHS 95/63

250 double unders 

50 alt pistols

750m row 

Post Class: 

Bike: (build out)

a. 7 min hard, 1:30 rest, 5 min hard 1 min rest, 3 min hard :30 rest, 1 min sprint, directly into :30/:30 for 6 minutes, + 7 min coasting, legs only 

a. reverse hyper 3 x 30 reps at 20% of your back Squat. . .flush flush flush 

b. 4 x 16 deadbugs *can use bands for some resistance if see fit 

c. scap work: specific 

  on incline bench, using like plates. . .2.5-5’s 

4 x 15 reps of 

Face Pulls, Rear fly, Overhead Y’s 

d. db double seated bent over rows 12-15 reps x 4 sets 

e. crossover symmetry protocol to finish off 

Thursday, 042717

Please join us in welcoming Coach Rich to the CrossFit Free team.  This guy has been an amazing part of this community from the moment he stepped through our days. We are very fortunate to have Rich part of CrossFit Free and now lucky folks coming through our doors will be fortunate enough to learn from him.  Rich will be coaching on the Intro / On Ramp and Challenges side of CFF. I can’t imagine a better person for the job. 

Thank you for all your do Rich ????????


Team Thursday:

Teams of 2; 

A. Running clock



Deadlifts  185/113

Hang power cleans

Shoulder to overhead

Rest 1 min

6 min to hit 1rm power Clean

1 min rest

AMRAP 11 (alt rds) – tag partner in

7 hspu

7 bar lateral burpees

14 air squats

Wed, 042617

Please join us in congratulating Lynn on qualifying for the 2018 CrossFit Games!  She finished 12 in the world in the 40-44 division and earned her spot in Wisconsin come August.   But, next up for her is the Regionals floor with Team CrossFit Free.    Reminder: get your regionals tickets while you still can!


Fitness / Performance: 

A. Seated Single arm DB strict press 8-10 reps x 5 sets heavy  – only count work sets

*15 min

B. 32 min EMOM

minute 1: maintain over 400/300+ assault bike – shooting for :45 each minute  *watts are target.  For most – 85-90% consistency of output is target

minute 2: 60′ burpee broad jump

minute 3: 100m shuttle run

minute 4: 45′ DB Front Rack walking lunge 50’s/35’s

Post Class:

A. Yoke carry; 60’ sections as goal (can break up 30/30 if space is an issue) – AHAP x 8 walks
B. HS belly to wall lateral walks. 15’ each direction x 6 total each side; break as needed
C. Tabata Ring Support Holds x 8-10
*modify accordingly

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